We have good value, great quality tapware covered for your new home or duplex build.

In an instagram age, tapware has become quite the fashion accessory to any new home. In a relatively short time, tapware has come in leaps and bounds. You’ll now find tapware in many shades and designs to suit different styles of homes.

And who do we feel is leading the charge in the tapware department? ABI Interiors. Similarly to TileCloud, ABI has mastered online shopping. The range is accessible and customers are able to order samples of the different metal colours and finishes. ABI has many colours available including chrome, matte black, white, brushed nickel, brushed brass, brushed gunmetal and brushed copper. Their styles are contemporary, sophisticated, minimal and (most importantly) on-trend. Some of their tapware is interchangeable making it easy to update your look in future. Based in Australia, their customer service is easy to deal with and their shipping is fast. ABI makes more than just tapware, including a wide range of handles, sinks and accessories for your home (which is great for ensuring all of your metals are matching!) Not all tapware is created equal. It’s important you source tapware that uses effective electroplating techniques to protect the colour, as well as quality materials for longevity and peace of mind. And better still, these products are priced very competitively, so they are a smart inclusion when building a new home or duplex – talk about bang for your buck! We build a lot of duplexes and it’s not uncommon to require 8 showers, 10 mixer tap sets, 6 towel rails, toilet roll holders, hand towel holders, robe hooks, etc…so the numbers can begin to add up.

It’s for these reasons and more that we have partnered up with ABI and showcase their stunning tapware in our studio bathroom and kitchen. Whilst ABI is best known for its tapware, what is our favourite item? It has to be the showstopping ceramic farmhouse sink.

If you are thinking of building a new home or duplex, we would love to show you around our studio with some of the tapware colours and samples on display.