Custom Builders vs Project Home Builders

Comparing apples with apples.

“Our home is our sanctuary”.

In a post-Covid world, homes have become such an integral part of our lives. Homes are required to meet more of our needs than ever before – a place for work, a place to relax, a place for family, a place to gather, a place to escape, a place to entertain… Our home is our sanctuary.

When choosing to build a new home, how do you decide between a project home builder or a custom building company? There are a number of factors to consider;


“One size doesn’t fit all”.

With most project home builders, customers must select their home design from a limited number of facades and layouts. This option can be suitable if you like the designs on offer and your block of land is flat with enough width and depth to fit the home. Unfortunately, one size doesn’t fit all. This cookie-cutter approach to building can be problematic if the design does not fit on the block of land or requires any modification. Modifications made to these set designs can be costly.

When building with a custom home builder, a designer creates the home to suit the individual needs of the client, the block in which it is to be built on, and to comply with local council laws. We quote according to the architect’s design and the specific scope-of-works for each individual project.


“Comparing apples with apples”.

When deciding on a home builder, it’s important to compare apples with apples. What are you actually receiving for the price?

Many project home builders provide customers with a base home price. This price usually includes lower-end products that you pay to “upgrade” down the track at later appointments. The original price often doesn’t include, “getting out of the ground”, landscaping, driveways, air-conditioning, pools, a sufficient number of power points or light fittings (usually bayonet), budget flooring, basic laminate kitchens with low-range stone and minimal cabinetry throughout. Often the display homes are fitted out with high-end extras that do not come with the base price package. Further along in the process, customers may attend selection meetings where they choose from the items included in the base package or pay to upgrade the items. Customers may be required to sign contracts with the project home builders and pay a deposit prior to attending the selection sessions.

When Twofold Building Projects quote a new home or duplex build, the price is all-inclusive. When we are asked how much a project will cost to build, we are talking about the cost to build a complete home with products that are already of a high standard eg;

  • Dwelling construction using reputable building products and installers
  • Commercial quality windows
  • Timber flooring
  • Quality appliances
  • An appropriate amount of LED downlight lighting and powerpoints
  • Wardrobes with cabinetry
  • A complete kitchen with appliances, polyurethane painted cabinets, and mid-range category of engineered stone benchtops
  • Landscaped gardens (in-ground concrete pools, if specified) and driveways
  • Ducted Air-conditioning

Some of our clients request to include premium selections into their homes eg, supernatural range stone, designer cabinetry profiles and interiors, luxury appliances, etc, whereas others may in fact request to downgrade some items eg, from commercial to residential grade windows. The beauty of custom building is that bespoke packages can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the client.


“When we price a home, it’s an all-inclusive price”

Due to the low base prices and minimal standard inclusions many project home builders offer, a project home may appear to be cheaper at first glance. However, once the necessary upgrades are selected, the additional charges are included and any other items required to complete the build are paid for, the gap between kit and customs home becomes much smaller. It is also worth factoring in the level of quality, finishes and materials. Whilst you may pay more for a custom built home, when you compare the level of quality, finishes and materials, and the flexibility and freedom that comes with designing your own home, what you are investing in is a premium product that fully meets your style and needs.

Some project home builders require customers to pay thousands of dollars deposit, before having a complete understanding of what additional charges they will occur down the track. By this time, customers are “in too deep” financially to change builders. As discussed above, when we price a home, it’s an all-inclusive price. We don’t ask for deposits until you have accepted our quote and are happy with the terms of our agreement.


“Quality assurance and maximum productivity.”

For some project builders, they operate all over the Sydney metropolitan area, or even the country. It’s not uncommon for site supervisors to be simultaneously managing multiple projects across a wide region. Due to the high-volume contracts of the project home builders and their suppliers, the attention to detail can sometimes be overlooked in new homes, such as the way the stone patterns in the kitchen island align, recessing bathroom floors to sit flush with adjoining floors, or installing timber flooring without a scotia. Twofold Building Projects pride themselves on their quality building and attention to detail. We are a boutique local building company. We only have a small number of projects on the go at any given time for quality assurance and maximum productivity.


“We can usually complete a new home construction within 6 months”.

Generally speaking, project home builders tend to take around twice the time to complete a project. For example, at Twofold Building Projects, we can usually complete a new home construction within 6 months. Whereas, it’s possible for some project home builders to take up to a year or more to complete a home. This can impact the amount of time customers are out of home, paying rent, paying interest on loans, etc.

If you are considering building, Twofold Building Projects would love to discuss your individual situation with you and provide you with a more detailed breakdown of costs involved in building a new home or duplex.