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Design is the first part of the building process. Some clients come to us with completed and approved architectural plans, while others contact us at the start of the project without a building design.  Twofold Building Projects can work with your existing plans or provide design and construction packages.

If you already have approved architectural building plans we;

  • determine the scope of works which you would like us to complete
  • provide a quote for the works
  • progress to the construction phase

If you wish to design with us we;

  • identify your budget and ideas
  • provide a rough cost estimate based on your budget, ideas and our building experience
  • obtain a site survey
  • engage our building designer to create designs
  • submit plans for council development approval or complying development approval with a certifier (whichever is applicable)
  • provide a refined quote based on the final design to complete the scope of works
  • progress to the construction phase

Designing with us is one of the best ways of ensuring your home meets your budget and provides a more cohesive, streamlined building process.

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With approved plans, we are able to provide you with a detailed construction quote. Upon signing a contract with Twofold Building Projects, we obtain a Construction Certificate and can commence work on site. The length of time a project takes to complete varies according to the scale involved in the scope-of-works, however we work efficiently and productively to ensure our product is delivered as quickly as possible, without compromising quality.

Generally, when builders provide a quote it is comprised of fixed, prime and provisional costs.

FIXED COSTS are items where an accurate, known price can be applied and therefore, will not change unless a client variation occurs. eg, roofing.

PRIME COSTS (PC) are items where a builder has to allocate an amount of money in the budget for items that are yet to be selected. A great example is tapware. The builder applies a reasonable amount of money to the quote for tapware (often referred to as an allowance) however, this value may change depending on the tapware chosen by the client.

PROVISIONAL SUMS (PS) is where a builder provides an estimate to complete a part of the works where it is difficult to determine the exact scope until the works have commenced. An example could include excavation. Even with thorough investigation, knowing exactly what is underground may not be possible until it is uncovered and, depending on the outcome, could effect the cost.

VARIATIONS occur when there is a change to the contracted scope of works. For example, if a client decides to add a fireplace to the home during the construction. In such situations, we provide a quote for the variation, which is signed-off by the client before work on the variation commences. This avoids unexpected variation charges appearing at the end of the build.

At Twofold, we try to be as transparent as possible with descriptive quotes and resources to guide your selections. We aim to make any estimates as accurate and well-informed as we can. Our “standard” allowances are already of a very acceptable quality from premium brands and suppliers. Should you choose to “upgrade” your items, we provide a quoted variation for the difference. Therefore, when you sign-off on your final selections, you know and agree to the cost of this at the time – not further down the track.

Examples of additional items and documentation that may be required for a construction certificate include;

  • structural engineer
  • landscape design
  • water compliance certificate (Section 73)

Communication is the key to a successful project. When you choose to build with Twofold, we provide you with access to our Online Management System to monitor and track your build or ask any questions you should have along the way. Our dedicated and approachable management team is available to support you throughout the journey and provide an end-to-end service.

Shopping for home interiors can be overwhelming and confusing, so we have taken all the hard work out of this process. Our studio houses some of the best product samples on the market. We can plan your interior schemes and make many of the decisions for your home from within the one place. Through our partnership with Harvey Norman Commercial, we have exclusive access to premium appliances, bathware and audio-visual equipment to integrate into your home. Are you able to choose your own items from other retail stores or engage an interior designer?…Absolutely! As we are custom builders, you are not constrained to our product ranges or suppliers.


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At Twofold Building Projects, we pride ourselves on our high-end finishes and attention to detail. We fit-out our homes with premium hardware and quality building products. Twofold can provide all-inclusive, complete homes with end-to-end service including landscaping, pools, driveways, window furnishings, appliances, and more. Upon completion of the project, we can arrange the documentation required for an Occupation Certificate and conduct a handover session with you.

All of our work is licensed and insured as per NSW legislative requirements.

What is attention to detail? It’s all the small things (that add up to big things). The difference between a good home and a great home. We are focused on achieving the best look and finish throughout your home. It’s something we do well and are proud of. It’s all in the details.

Our services reach beyond the building construction. Twofold have partnered with GlobeWest to offer our clients exclusive access to premium furniture, lighting and home decor to furnish your new home at discounted rates.

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Discover your style. Look for inspiration and create a mood board of looks you like on Pinterest.

Initially, you may want to create a “draft” board to collect all the looks and ideas that you like. Once you have a substantial collection, review the images and decide which style you like the most. As you become clearer on your style and the design elements you would like to include in your home, create a new “final” board to pin a refined selection of images.


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