How we build your home.


Design is the first part of the building process. Some clients come to us with completed and approved plans, while others contact us at the start of the project without a building design.  Twofold Building Projects can work with your existing plans or provide design and construction packages.

When clients come to us with approved building plans we;

  • determine the scope of works which the client would like us to complete
  • provide a quote for the works
  • progress to construction phase

Clients can engage our services from the start, with only a concept of what they would like to build and a price range in mind. In this case we;

  • provide a cost estimate based on client budget, their ideas and our duplex building experience
  • obtain a site survey
  • engage our building designer to create designs
  • submit plans for council development approval or complying development approval with a certifier (whichever is applicable)
  • provide a refined quote based on the final design to complete the scope of works
  • progress to construction phase

Prior to meeting with the designer, we advise clients to have a clear idea of their budget and to create a mood-board (on Pinterest) of styles, materials and design features they prefer. A mood board is used to guide the architect in creating an appealing concept plan that reflects the client’s tastes and requirements.


With approved plans, we are able to provide a detailed quote for our clients. Upon signing a contract with Twofold Building Projects, we obtain a Construction Certificate and are able to commence work on site. The length of time a project takes to complete varies according to the scale involved in the scope-of-works, however we work efficiently and productively to ensure our product is delivered as quickly as possible, without compromising quality.

Examples of additional items and documentation that may be required for a construction certificate include;

  • structural engineer
  • landscape design
  • water compliance certificate (Section 73)

Some clients choose to engage interior designers to specify their material choices, fixtures and appliances. Alternatively, clients can make their own selections, according to their budget and the contract allowances. Where possible, we prefer clients select their fixtures and appliances from our range of well-known, reputable suppliers.


At Twofold Building Projects, we pride ourselves on our high-end finishes and attention to detail. We fit-out our homes with premium hardware and quality building products. Twofold are able to provide all-inclusive, complete homes including landscaping, pools, driveways, window treatments, appliances and more.

Upon completion of the project, we can arrange the documentation and inspections to obtain an Occupation Certificate and participate in a handover session with the client.

All of our work is licensed and insured as per NSW legislative requirements.

Let’s talk about your building project.