Building a duplex with your family, it’s a smart move.

Over the years, Twofold has built many duplex homes in the Sutherland Shire region. Recently, we have noticed a trend in the clientele building duplexes. Many of our current and most recent clients are building a duplex with a member of their family. Usually, one party supplies the land, while the other supplies the funds to build. Together, they are able to achieve a big, brand new home, and remain in the area where they would like to live. It’s a clever solution, which many families are choosing to do together at this time. Unlike granny-flats, many duplex designs are approved for Torrens Title subdivision, meaning that after the build, each party can independently own their side of the duplex as separate dwellings.

2020 has made the need to work from home and be close to our loved ones, more important than ever. Our duplex homes are very beautiful, functional, well-built homes. It makes sense that many families are choosing this option to achieve their home goals. Commonly, parents with children build duplex homes with their grandparents. The grandparents are able to downsize into a more manageable home and be close to their grandchildren and support network as they head into retirement. The parents are able to upgrade to a new home with their children and afford to stay in the local area. Another scenario we have seen a number of times are siblings building a duplex together, which again assists the housing affordability situation and the support of family living next door.

Whatever your situation may be, if you are thinking about building a duplex, get in touch with Twofold now. Designing and building your duplex with us is the best way of ensuring your family gets the new home they need and reflects the desired budget.