Duplex homes are our passion.

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A duplex is a savvy approach to building. As a result, they are becoming increasingly popular for home builders and home buyers alike. Many modern developments are innovative, spacious, and elegant. High-end design and luxury finishes have recently become a standard expectation in new duplex homes, particularly in the Sutherland Shire region.

Building a duplex can have the potential to deliver strong investment returns and, therefore, is an attractive option for property owners looking to optimise their financial position. People choose to build a Dual Occupancy home for a variety of reasons;

  • Downsizing for retirement
  • Upsizing for young families
  • Family members working together to create housing solutions
  • Investment or profitable opportunities
  • Housing affordability and reduced mortgage pressure
duplex builders sutherland shire


Twofold Building Projects are passionate duplex builders. We understand them, we’ve even built our own! Whether you are building a duplex for you and your family to live in, to live in one and lease/sell the other, or planning to flip both, Twofold is your custom dual occupancy builders. Experienced in developing luxurious duplexes, we work with you to create a home that reflects your individual needs. We have local knowledge and experience in building duplexes in the Sutherland Shire region, particularly with the Cronulla, Woolooware, and Caringbah development boom. Twofold can offer design and construction services to bring your project to life.

Twofold Building Projects recommends you seek independent, professional advice before considering building a duplex for financial interests.
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The NSW State Government has changed its building code to allow for Complying Development Dual Occupancy housing. Each individual council will make their own decision as to when and how they implement the code. View your local council’s website to determine if Complying Development (CDC) Duplex approval is available in your area. The Sutherland Shire Council has introduced CDC Dual Occupancy as of July 1st, 2020.

A complying development significantly speeds up the building process. Providing the design meets the requirements of the relevant building code, CDC approval is fast-tracked with a building certifier. Opting for a CDC may also result in an increase in Floor Space Ratio (FRS) and a decrease in landscaped areas, compared with a DA. This is because the DA is controlled by the council’s own Local Environment Plan (LEP), which may differ from the controls of a CDC which is determined by the NSW Housing Code.

The Sutherland Shire Council CDC Dual Occupancy applies to R2 Zones with 600sqm minimum block size. Discover more about your property controls on the SSC LEP map.