Renovations and Extensions

Planning is everything.

This month we had a new project drop into the pipeline. The owners of this property would like to do a renovation and extension. We are currently in the planning stage of this project. The owners believed the house would receive water views with a second storey addition. As a result, the owners wanted to put the living area upstairs make use of the views from the living spaces. However, were there no views, they would rather keep the living on the existing ground floor.

From the ground, it’s difficult to tell exactly what you could see from that higher elevation. We didn’t want to get this wrong, as the whole house design will be crafted around the views which we may or may not receive. To be sure, we had a site survey performed and enlisted the help of our good friend and photographer 1337 Photography to take a drone to site. We elevated the drone to different RL points from the survey and took some photos. It was a pleasing surprise. The second storey addition will receive some wonderful views of Cronulla and Gunnamatta Bay. Interestingly, the position we thought would have the best view was obstructed by the branches of a neighbouring tree, the best vantage point was actually a little further down the house. We delivered the photos to the architect at the Güd Studio who will ensure the renovation and second storey addition makes the most of the views and meet the needs of the home owners.

If you are planning a renovation and extension, we have some hot tips to ensure you get the best out of your building project:


Think about the way you live in your house and your lifestyle. How do you like to spend your time at home? Where are the places you gather together? What do you feel is missing?


Develop an idea of your style and the look you would like to achieve. You could create a Pinterest board to gather a collection of looks you like and design ideas. This mood board is then a great resource to give to your architect, builder and/or designer so they get a sense of the styles and materials you like.

Future Proof

The needs you have now may change over time. For example, maybe you have a growing family, or perhaps your children are leaving home. Think about how your lifestyle may change over time to ensure the new design will meet your needs, even in the years to come.


It is important to be clear on the budget you have to work with. Your designers and builders will then work with your budget to deliver the best quality product at the price you can afford.